DxLaunch Community Sale & Presale

All the details about the first steps of the DxLaunch ecosystem

Why are we having both a Community Sale and a Presale?

Building a strong community that truly believes in the protocol and will hold in the long term takes some time. Users need to DYOR (“Do Your Own Research”) in order to really get to know the fundamentals of the project, the team, and its connections.

Community Sale details

🗓️ Start date: April 29th, 20.00 UTC
🏁 Finish date: May 29th, 20.00 UTC
📌 Place: app.dxlaunch.fi/community-sale
🪙 Token used to buy: BUSD


Phase 1:
💸 16% discount → $0.336
️️🗓️ Starts on April 29th → Finish on May 9th
💰 Amount to be raised 40,000 BUSD

Presale details

🗓️ Start date: May 31th, 20.00 UTC
🏁 Finish date: June 1st, 20.00 UTC
📌 Place: app.dxlaunch.fi/presale
🪙 Token used to buy: BUSD

Both the Community Sale & Presale work with FCFS (“First Come, First Serve”) method. This means that once the hard cap of each phase or presale is fulfilled no one else will be able to participate.

Vesting periods

Building an efficient vesting period structure is essential to achieving a successful launch and encouraging the growth of the token price during its first stage of life.

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