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Join us in this amazing adventure to build the biggest fully decentralized launchpad

4 min readApr 18, 2022


DxLaunch is a decentralized launchpad protocol that takes advantage of the benefits of blockchain to democratize crowdfunding through DeFi and DAOs. We believe in decentralization in all the steps of the life of a project, including incubation and launch, while at the same time, we acknowledge the necessity of security and transparency with the investors.

DxLaunch provides a reliable platform for developers and teams to pitch their projects and communicate directly with investors. In this secure and decentralized protocol, the investors will be able to discover the next successful DeFi project.

How are we going to achieve that? This is our Roadmap up to date. Although we have solid expansions plans, we live in a highly dynamic space, and factors such as new technologies, market volatility, among others, can implicate changes in our roadmap.

The $DLX holders will have a vote on every key decision involving the future of the protocol.

Phase 1 | Q1 2022

In this first phase (which at the moment of writing is already finished), the main foundations of the protocol have been fully designed, and so do the tokenomics and use cases for the $DXL token.
The documentation is ready and will be published in just a few days, and the community is growing on a daily basis.

All the smart contracts involved with the protocol have been tested and approved together with the platform.

Phase 2 | Q2 2022

This is the phase in which we are entering right now, in which the contracts are deployed on the Mainnet.

One of the most valuable advantages of our ecosystem is that we have the strongest partners network in all DeFi. With a world-class and extensive list of partners, we will help every project that gets approved, to build a project highly connected with the DeFi ecosystem and add value to their protocol.

Stay tuned for “DxLaunch Partners Network” article to know more about it.

We will start with a 30 days Community Sale, where we will raise funds to support the initial operations of the DxLaunch protocol, at the same time we build a strong community. After the Community Sale finishes, there will be a 48 hours presale to raise the remaining funds and have enough liquidity to get the DxLaunch protocol running smoothly. | First launch on BSC

Upcoming “$DXL Community Sale & Presale” article with more information.

Right after the presale ends, and the liquidity is added, $DXL staking will be available on our website, along with multiple farm & vault opportunities on our partners' platforms.

Also, the Presale Project Listing will be opened right away, along with the Live Polls and Token Vesting modules. And a few days after, the first launches will arrive on DxLaunch platform.

Phase 3 | Q3 2022

Not too long after launching on BSC and strengthening our protocol on one of the oldest and most renowned blockchains, we will expand further into new chains. This will allow the DxLaunch community and project owners to get into new networks and explore new opportunities.

The two networks to which DxLaunch will expand are Fantom and Avalanche. The $DXL holders will vote on which one will go first.

The cross-chain expansions will not have presale and the Max Supply will not be increased.

There will be a bridge on Multichain Org, that’s also one of our valuable partners and will support collaborations with every project that gets approved by our community to get a presale on DxLaunch platform.

In this phase, we will also start our journey with NFTs. We will develop an NFTs pre-sales section for those projects based on NFTs.

Last but not least, we will deploy new launchpad features (to be revealed closer to the release date), and an in-app forum for the holders to discuss every voting opportunity.

Phase 4 | Q4 2022

We will finish the year with one of our biggest milestones → Metaverse technology implementation. We aim to host Live Presales in the Metaverse, especially for NFT-based projects.

Not all the presales will be hosted in the Metaverse, but only those who fit the requirements for it.

In order to establish DxLaunch as one of the top players in the launchpad industry, we need to further expand the visibility of our protocol. For that reason, we will get the $DXL token listed on the major CEXs (Centralized Exchanges).

In this phase, we will also deploy an NFT Marketplace, that will use Metaverse technology for a 3D museum where the NFTs listed on DxLaunch Marketplace will be shown.

Finally, an expansion into a new chain will be done after proposing multiple chains in our Governance module and letting the holders choose what they believe is the best alternative.

For our 4th cross-chain expansion we will not have presale and the Max Supply will not be increased.

Phase 5 | Q1 2023

Reaching the end of this roadmap, our goal for next year is to be able to integrate the DeFi ecosystem with the FIAT system, allowing projects to be funded with FIAT money using a third-party partner that will provide us with the service.

This is a challenging and very entertaining roadmap to go through. It is also a dynamic roadmap that can be adjusted according to the growth of the market and the needs of the projects, investors, and holders.

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DxLaunch is a decentralized launchpad protocol that democratizes crowdfunding through DeFi and DAOs. || #1 Partners Network in all DeFi