Project owners' “cheat sheet”

Essential tips on how to increase the chances of getting your project approved by the community

Tips to increase your chances of getting approved 😉

  • Fill in as much information as possible. Transparency is essential to make the audience feel confident about a project, and that means leaving anything without clarification.
  • Get your project audited. Choose between our security partners to access exclusive discounts and faster response. Safety is a top priority for all DeFi users.
  • Book an AMA in the DxLaunch community. Engage with the individuals that will vote, talk to them about your project, and answer as many questions as possible.
  • Get your socials updated and all the information well presented. There are many projects out there, make yours one that draws attention.
  • Present your tokenomics and roadmap as clearly as possible. Make it easy for everyone to understand them.
  • Add a Pitch Deck. It must be short, easy to read and understand(more images, less text), and show the most attractive features of the project.

Developers FAQ ❓

What are the requirements to create a presale?

  • Have a token deployed on the main net.
  • Have $DXL to pay the submission fee.
  • Complete the required fields.​

What happens if my project is not approved?

We recommend listening to the advice the community has to propose a new project with these changes. Remember that once a token has been rejected it will not be able to apply again, so you will have to create a new one.​

Does the project have the obligation to be audited?

No, but we strongly recommend doing so since this is usually a deciding factor when voting.​

What happens if the presale is not completed?

The percentage of tokens that were not sold are automatically burned​

What happens if my project does not reach the softcap?

Funds are returned to IDO contributors and tokens are sent back to project owners. The submission fee is burned.

Take all these information and suggestions, and start completing your application on

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