Meet our Audit Partners

Security and transparency are both top priorities in DxLaunch. That’s why we worked on the development of partnerships with solid Audit companies that can provide value to both DxLaunch and its projects.

About the partnerships

We know audit processes are both extensive and expensive. That’s why we worked on collaborations that can facilitate these processes.

For firsts, all partners offer exclusive discounts for projects that launch on DxLaunch, as well as quick timing — instead of waiting 1 or 2 months, you can get a full audit in just 2–3 weeks! They will also offer personalized guidance to resolve the issues found in the audit report and eliminate the security risks in the protocol.

These partners will also provide KYC services for those projects that want to be public and doxxed. This is a big bonus for every project that wants to increase the chances of getting approved by the community, adding an extra layer of transparency.


CertiK is a blockchain and smart contract verification platform founded by experts from Yale and Columbia University. With almost 3K listed projects, they are one of the biggest Audit companies around Web3.

Projects that launch on our platform will get up to 10% discount with Certik

DeFi Shield

DeFi Shield is a dev team specialized in security. They have proven experience auditing projects in launchpads and incubation programs. They offer an innovative service in which they audit all smart contracts in a protocol, guaranteeing the highest security parameters.

DxLaunch’s protocol is fully audited by DeFi Shield 🛡


HashEx is a Blockchain Audit and Consulting Company. Their audits go over security risks, misbehavior, bugs, and inefficiency. Besides this, they offer Blockchain integration and development services, and they even audit NFTs!


Techrate is an analytical and engineering agency focused on blockchain technology solutions and audits. Their team of engineers and analysts with wide experience in the crypto market offers both audits and consulting services.

We’ll continue working on the development of partnerships that can bring efficient security benefits for projects in the IDO.

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