How to submit your project to DxLaunch?

Step by step guide, plus a few tips to increase your chances of being selected

3 min readJun 15, 2022

In this easy guide, we will explain in easy and simple steps how project owners can submit their projects and apply for a presale spot on DxLaunch protocol.

It’s important to keep in mind that as a fully decentralized protocol, the $DXL holders will be who chose which projects get approved and which get rejected.

As a bonus, we will share some insights about how to increase the chances of being approved 😉

Start here 👇

First, you will need to fill in all the information about the project, including name, token, logos, descriptions, roadmap, tokenomics, audits, and more.

Token image; Project name; Token address, name and symbol; Telegram, Twitter and Discord links.
Token decimals, Project slogan and summary.
Banner, Whitepaper, Audit, Docs, Video, Website, Roadmap, Tokenomics.
Security and vesting periods.
Information review (1)
Information review (2)
Information review (3)

Confirmation and submission ✅

After clicking on the Submit button, you’ll need to confirm the transaction on the blockchain as it’s shown below 👇

Active presale proposal

After that, the presale proposal will be automatically uploaded to the website for the community to vote.

Bonus → Tips to increase your chances of getting approved 😉

  • Fill in as much information as possible. Transparency is essential to make the audience feel confident about a project, and that means leaving anything without clarification.
  • Get your project audited. Choose between our security partners to access exclusive discounts and faster response. Safety is a top priority for all DeFi users.
  • Book an AMA in the DxLaunch community. Engage with the individuals that will vote, talk to them about your project, and answer as many questions as possible.
  • Get your socials updated and all the information well presented. There are many projects out there, make yours one that draws attention.
  • Present your tokenomics and roadmap as clearly as possible. Make it easy for everyone to understand them.

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