How to earn with $DXL?

Learn all the opportunities to earn with the $DXL token with pools, farms, and vaults all over the DeFi ecosystem.

3 min readJun 24, 2022

As a fully decentralized launchpad, we have built a really valuable partner’s network. This not only makes our protocol much stronger but also increases the buying pressure on our native token.

Here you can find out all the staking opportunities that will be available after launch. Some will be deployed shortly after the official $DXL launch (June 28th), and some others will arrive with our cross-chain expansions to Fantom and Avalanche.

BabySwap - Farm 👶🏼

Enjoy a DXL-USDT farm in one of the biggest and most trusted DEXs in all the BNB Chain.

KnightSwap - Farms ⚔️

With more than $90,000,000 TVL on the BNB Chain, KnightSwap is one of the biggest DEXs on the whole chain right now. As one of our partners, they will deploy a DXL-BUSD farm.

Bonus → We will also have another farm on Dark KnightSwap, their DEX on Fantom.

Pacoca - Autocompounding Vault🟤

Optimizers are a great tool for staking, allowing the $DXL holders to earn boosted profits with the power of auto-compounding.

Enjoy a DXL-USDT autocompounding vault leading to BabySwap farm, and enjoy a boosted APY!

DxLaunch - Pools 🔵

After every project launch on our platform, a 30 days pool will be automatically deployed on our website.

Stake $DXL & Earn tokens from promising newborn projects that used our protocol to launch.

MDEX - Farm Ⓜ️

With more than $610 million in total TVL, MDEX is one of the top 5 DEXs on the whole BNB Chain right now.

Although is not officially confirmed, we are working to get a DXL-BNB farm on MDEX. This would attract a lot of buy-pressure that will have a positive impact on $ the DXL price.

Biswap - Farm 🕊️

Biswap is a +$335 million TVL DEX on the BNB Chain. They offer the lowest fees on the whole network and have a trading volume of more than 50 million each day.

We have achieved an agreement for a DXL-BNB farm to be activated after a certain amount of requirements are completed. One of the core requirements is to achieve a specific trading volume of $DXL in their platform.

Cross-chain staking opportunities ⛓️

Expanding into new chains can be done in multiple ways, and of course, some of them are more profitable for holders and some others for project owners. We’ve taken the community-friendly approach!

Expansions won’t occur through Presales → No more tokens will be minted after launch.

After expanding into Fantom and Avalanche, more farms, pools, and vaults will be deployed, and at the same time, the $DXL token will circulation remain static. This will push the price up again in both expansions, benefiting all the $DXL holders.

Grim Finance - Fantom 👻

As our main optimizer partner on Fantom, we will have an auto-compounding DXL-USDC vault on their platform.

This vault will lead to the farm we will have deployed in Dark KnightSwap, our main DEX on the Fantom Opera network.

Pangolin - Avalanche 🔺

This will be our main DEX on the Avalanche network where we will have a DXL-AVAX super farm with dual rewards, earning both $PNG (the native token of Pangolin DEX) and $DXL.

Canary - Avalanche 🔺

As an extra layer to Pangolin superfarm, we will enjoy a dual reward farm in Canary, that will have the same pair → DXL-AVAX, and users will be able to earn $CNR + $DXL.

HakuSwap - Avalanche 🔺

Last but not least, we will also enjoy a DXL-USDC farm on HakuSwap as the 2nd DEX where part of the liquidity will be placed and encouraged through the farm.

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