Everything that investors need to know about DxLaunch

How to do research, what requirements do you need to vote and participate in a presale, and much more useful information

3 min readJun 6, 2022


DxLaunch is the perfect place for investors as it is a decentralized launchpad governed by its holders. All presale proposals submitted by the project owners will have to be approved by the community. $DXL holders can decide whether or not to allow a project to use the platform for launching depending on whether or not the project is attractive enough. If they like the proposal, a date is assigned.

Protocol Features

1) Live Polls: For any project to have the possibility of having a presale on DxLaunch, the proposal must first be approved by the community through a vote. Here they get to know the project proposal and decide whether or not they deserve to offer their product to the community. The live polls last 5 days. We believe this system will favor only the projects that bring innovations and improvements to the DeFi ecosystem.

2) Launch Pools. Launchpools are deployed once the project successfully completes its presale. A percentage of the project tokens are allocated to the $DXL holders so that the community can stake $DXL and earn other tokens.

3) Security in presales. Although it is a decentralized launchpad, we have designed several security measures which you will be able to find in the Security section. At DxLaunch we promote security for all projects to give investors the necessary tools to decide on which projects to invest in.

4) Forum: Space for discussion and debate on the projects.

Investors FAQ

How much can I contribute to presales?

The DxLaunch protocol is designed to reward $DXL holders with multiple token utilities that make it attractive to investors. There is no minimum amount to invest, but in order to invest in a presale, it is necessary to have $DXL tokens staking in one of the pools that the platform offers. Each person will be able to invest in a presale depending on the amount of $DXL they have staking according to this rule:

TotalAmount = 400 + (4 * Staked $DXL * LockBoost)

The Lock Boost depends on how much time your staked DXL is locked for:

Following this rule, here are a few examples:

What is the vesting structure in DxLaunch presales?

Vesting periods are security measures that make sure there’s a long-term commitment to the project, ensuring a successful launch and confidence for early investors that participate in dxlaunch.fi.

Through vesting, investors can be protected from the price volatility caused by massive sell-offs that often follow initial coin offerings. And if anchored on a secure smart contract, vesting can also significantly reduce the opportunities for rug pulls and pump and dump schemes. Once the presale is over, the vesting structure will have a 7 days lock, and after that a 15-day dripping of the project tokens.

How can I vote to decide whether the projects should launch in DxLaunch or not?

You must stake $DXL in any of our pools to approve or decline projects in public polls, and also participate in governance matters. By voting in the weekly polls you are part of an ecosystem in which you decide if a project is worth for launch. We recommend doing your research on the proposal in advance so that you make better decisions when investing.

When locking your $DXL Stake, you get a lock boost on your voting power, following the same rule for the presales allocation.

We have an active community ready to discuss project proposals and governance proposals. Join us on Telegram & Discord and get the latest insights!

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