DxLaunch x Smart Liquidity

DxLaunch expands its marketing resources across all chains with a brand new Media Partner - Boosted 🔥

2 min readMay 5, 2022

A new Media Partnership is official. Smart Liquidity is now part of our ecosystem and some of its media portals on Twitter will collaborate with the DxLaunch ecosystem. Read the full article for more details.

About Smart Liquidity

Smart Liquidity is a team of professional traders and market researchers that provide crypto news from different chains as well as data about the crypto landscape.

About the Partnership

Their main media portals on Twitter will be working with DxLaunch as Media Partners, meaning they will be available in our portfolio for launched projects to contact them.

“We reached out to them looking for a strategic partner that allowed the projects launched through the DxLaunch platform to gain visibility across multiple chains.”

DeFi News, Fantom Space, Avalanche Space, Smart BSC News, and DeFi Eagle are the projects that will be working along DxLaunch.

Defi News: Daily digests and updates on decentralized finance ecosystems.


Fantom Space: Daily digests, articles, and market insights about FTM.


Avalanche Space: Daily digests, updates, articles, and insights about Avalance.


Smart BSC News: Daily digests, news, updates, and insights about BNB Chain.


DeFi Eagle: Daily digests and B2B updates about DeFi ecosystems.


We hope Dx projects can make the most out of this diverse collab, winning expansion and visibility in whichever chain they choose to launch.

This strategic partner is essential to any newborn project who has a “Multichain or Cross-chain” bullet in its Roadmap. Opening multiple possibilities to build a long-term business relationship and strengthen its marketing plan.

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