DxLaunch Tokenomics

The most efficient tokenomics design, along with multiple use cases for the $DXL token

3 min readApr 26, 2022

There are several aspects that are important to a DeFi protocol, but none is more important than the value of its token. Let’s explore together what are the benefits of becoming a $DXL holder.

$DXL Utilities 🪙

Having a strong token is essential to the growth of the protocol. That’s why the $DXL token has several utilities, encouraging users to hold on the long-term.

1. Voting power: In order to vote on the decisions of DxLaunch and which projects will launch on the platform, users need to hold $DXL.

2. Apply for presale / Start a poll: There is a fee to post any of these, that’s refunded if the poll is reach the quorum. If it does not reach the quorum, those $DXL tokens are burned.

3. Participate in a presale: In order to invest in a presale at DxLaunch, you need to have $DXL tokens and stake them in any of the available pools of our platform.

4. Earn: $DXL holders will be able to stake their tokens in the pools of our own platform, as well as pair them with other tokens to stake on our partners’ farms.
(After each project launch on our platform, a 30 days pool is automatically deployed)

$DXL Distribution Structure 📊

It’s important to keep in mind that there will be no emissions of $DXL after launch, providing a framework for sustained growth.

Inicial and Max Supply → 3,830,500 $DXL

Locked Liquidity (14.7%)→ 562,500 $DXL
Community Sale (11.4%):
- 1st round: 119,048 $DXL
- 2nd round: 145,349 $DXL
– 3rd round: 170,455 $DXL
Presale (21.8%) → 833,333 $DXL
Marketing (25.8%):
- 1st: 400,000 $DXL | Vesting period of 1 month
- 2nd: 350,000 $DXL | Vesting period of 2 months
- 3rd: 240,000 $DXL | Vesting period of 4 months
Partners (11.8%) → 450,000 $DXL
Pool Rewards (9.1%) → 350,000 $DXL
Team & Devs (3.1%) → 120,000 $DXL
Peneral Reserve (2.3%) → 89,815 $DXL

Community Sale & Presale - Resume

1️⃣ Community Sale | Phase 1:
💸 16% discount → $0.336
💰 Amount to be raised 40,000 BUSD

2️⃣ Community Sale | Phase 2:
💸 14% discount → $0.344
💰 Amount to be raised → 50,000 BUSD

3️⃣ Community Sale | Phase 3:
💸 12% discount → $0.352
💰 Amount to be raised → 60,000 BUSD

4️⃣ Presale:
💸 10% discount → $0.346
💰 Amount to be raised → 300,000 BUSD

💵 Listing price → 1 $DXL = $0.40 BUSD 💵

For more information check the following article → Community Sale & Presale (4 minutes read).

Fee structure 💱

The income of any project is necessary to guarantee the correct operations of all activities carried out by it, but we also believe that they should be the result of the effort. That is why at DxLaunch we design a fee system based on the merit of the launch of each project and all the fees will be deducted from the amount raised at the presale. We want to help each of you to be able to achieve your project goals.

  • Performance Fee: 6%
  • Marketing for DxLaunch: 1%
  • BuyBack & Burn of $DXL: 1%
  • Security Fund: 1%
  • Buyback of $DXL to distribute between people who voted (proportionally to its voting power)

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