DxLaunch & ONTO Wallet

Everything about our new partnership with a cross-chain crypto wallet.

2 min readMay 25, 2022

We’ve closed yet another partnership that we think will maximize opportunities in the IDO: ONTO Wallet will allow integration for DxLaunch and its projects. Continue reading and get the full details of this alliance.

About ONTO Wallet

ONTO Wallet is a decentralized cross-chain desktop wallet for Chrome, and IOS, Google & Android devices. Their platform supports a variety of digital assets and dApps on several blockchains including BNB Chain and Ethereum. Their wallet allows cross-chain transactions and managing multiple assets and NFTs in one single app.

About the partnership

The collaboration started with cross-marketing actions such as sharing each other’s announcements on social media and an AMA on their Telegram. The session was a success! Their community seemed pretty interested in our consensus protocol.

Their Telegram chat has over 84K members! We’re glad many DeFi users got to hear about our protocol.

As partners, we will integrate ONTO Wallet into our protocol so that all their users can access DxLaunch’s platform from their wallets. Making trading easier will surely attract new users to the IDO.

ONTO will also be available for launched projects for technical assistance and integrations development. The first steps in DeFi world are challenging but we’re sure any process can be simplified when working along with first-level experts in Blockchain.

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