DxLaunch & JetSwap new partnership

One big player in BNB Chain is now part of the Dx ecosystem. For sure, this will translate into unique benefits and profits for $DXL holders.

About JetSwap

Jetswap is a decentralized Automated Market Maker on BNB Chain, Fantom, with low fees and instant trade execution. Through the years they’ve developed a strong community and multiple farms & pools.

About the partnership

The association started with a cross-marketing support campaign that featured two AMAs in Jet Swap’s Telegram communities: one in their main chat, and a second one for their Spanish-speaking community. We were very excited to share this space with such a strong community!

In terms of development, $DXL will be on their exchange platform to buy or sell. But that’s not all: farms & pools will be set up shortly after presale for holders to invest; a stake $WINGS & earn $DXL pool, and stake DXL-BUSD & earn $WINGS farm.

Joining our Partners Network as an AMM, JetSwap will be available for every selected project that wins a presale spot on our platform. According to the characteristics of each particular project, which kind of collaboration can be built with JetSwap.

This kind of collaboration is what most nurtures DxLaunch, by providing a decentralized protocol that’s highly connected with the DeFi ecosystem.

Jet Swap is a strong and old community with multiple milestones on the BNB Chain. We’re sure our collab can bring new investors to Dx as we strengthen our community.

Don’t miss your chance to become an early joiner! Join Community Sale🛸



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