DxLaunch & Canary

Full details about our new partnership in Avalanche with one of the oldest and most trusted projects in the network

2 min readJul 7, 2022

We’ve partnered with Canary DeFi, a DEX that runs on AVAX. Find out the benefits of visibility and investment from this collab.

About Canary

Canary is a DEX that works to make DeFi more accessible and easy for people to join. Users can stake, farm, and enjoy educational content and a Prediction Game on canarydefi.com. They have a very strong community on Avalanche.

About the partnership

The collaboration started with a cross-marketing support campaign that featured an AMA in Canary’s main Telegram group. During the session, we shared details about our consensus protocol and future events in our Roadmap. Their community seemed pretty excited about decentralization!

We’ve also engaged actively on our social media by sharing each other’s announcements on Twitter and Telegram. This will surely help expand DxLaunch’s visibility on Avalanche.

This is HUGE news if you’re planning to launch your project on AVAX, you’ll arrive there with a strong partner.

As a DeFi partner, Canary will be available for projects to contact them for investment and other DeFi opportunities. But that’s not it! We’ve also delimited benefits for $DXL holders: a $DXL Double Reward Farm will be developed on their platform shortly after arriving on Avalanche.

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