DxLaunch & BabySwap

Announcing our first Partnership: a strategic alliance with BabySwap, a big player from the BNB Chain

2 min readMay 3, 2022

We’re very excited to announce our first partnership with one of the biggest players in the BNB Chain ecosystem. We’re sure this will bring amazing opportunities not only for developers who want to launch their project on Dx but also for anyone who invests in future Dx projects.

Meet BabySwap

BabySwap is a supportive Metaverse including AMM, NFT, and GameFi projects on the Binance Smart Chain, (now rebranded as BNB Chain).

$BABY is the native governance token of the BabySwap Ecosystem, and with that token, the community can participate in all the BabySwap developments at babyswap.finance

BabySwap in numbers

  • Total Value Lock: $85,241,582.560
  • Telegram Community: 140k members
  • Twitter followers: 284k
  • Discord Community: 112k members

Just think of the visibility projects can achieve with this partnership!

About the partnership

Investors in the DxLaunch community will benefit from pools and farms which will be set up at babyswap.finance: a pool Stake Baby & Earn $DXL; and a farm DXL — USDT.

BabySwap will also be part of the DxLaunch ecosystem as a DEX DeFi Partner from the BNB Chain in our resources portfolio. This will benefit development and marketing teams from incubated projects who access one of the most recognized DeFi players on the chain.

Cross-marketing campaigns and AMAs will also be facilitated for members of the Dx Community. This can provide visibility and reach for newborn projects, essential when launching a new protocol.

These are just baby steps. We’re sure this partnership is only the beginning of greater things that we can achieve together, allowing projects and the DxLaunch ecosystem to nurture and grow.

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