DxLaunch & Admin Guru

We welcome Admin Guru to our ecosystem!

2 min readMay 17, 2022

We continue working on building a strong and diverse ecosystem to facilitate growth and development for projects in our IDO. We’ve partnered with Admin Guru, a project that will now offer Media services for projects in DxLaunch. Continue reading for full details.

About Admin Guru

Admin Guru is a social media and community management company that provides services for different crypto projects, with a focus on communities.

With big and recognized clients such as SpiritSwap, RoboVault, Binary Punks, and many more, they are established as the most trustworthy media and community management company across the DeFi landscape.

About the partnership

Admin Guru joined our ecosystem and will now provide marketing and PR services for projects launched on DxLaunch. They will offer assistance on community build-up, content creation, contact with influencers, and marketing and engagement actions.

They can even set up your Discord server with moderators, useful bots, and content for users to engage!

Building a strong and engaged community is essential when building a project and even after launch for continuous growth once projects deploy. We’re thrilled to see both Admin Guru and DxLaunch’s projects working together!

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