Dx Launch & Matic News

Announcing our first partnership with a big player from Polygon chain!

2 min readMay 9, 2022

We welcome Matic News to the DxLaunch ecosystem — our first collaboration with a project from Polygon chain! We’re thrilled about the opportunities their community can bring to DxLaunch. Continue reading about the new expansion and reach benefits this alliance can bring.

About Matic News

Matic News is one of the biggest communities in Polygon. They administer a Telegram community with updates and insights about news and projects in the chain, as well as their website and Twitter account.

About the partnership

One of the strongest communities in Polygon is now part of our ecosystem. This will increase DxLaunch’s exposure and visibility across DeFi. What’s more, it provides us with great prospects if the community ever decides to expand the launchpad to Polygon.

As partners, Matic News will be available for launched projects with visibility and marketing actions. This guarantees that the projects reach a community with experience in DeFi, approaching users who are probably familiar with BSC, FTM, and AVAX too. It’s also ideal for any project that wishes to expand on Polygon — they will do so by working along with one of the biggest players in that chain.

We’re thrilled about this strategic collab, and we can’t wait to see what opportunities are born from the synergy between both projects.

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