Dx Launch & 5table Finance strategic partnership

We’re happy to announce what we believe is a great opportunity for projects and team developers. After conversations with 5table Finance, we finally officialized a partnership in which they’ll offer corporate services for Dx projects.

About 5table Finance

5table Finance is a multichain, decentralized protocol that allows you to invest your stable coins (USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, and UST), obtaining high profitability in a safe and sustainable platform.

You can also stake their governance token $5TABLE in pools and farms.

About the partnership

5table Finance is now part of our partners’ ecosystem. When conversating with their team, we came up with corporate benefits for project owners from the Dx Launch Community.

Projects that launch on Dx Launch get access to 5table Finance’s Whitelist. This means they can invest their project’s cash flow in 5table’s platform with a lower performance fee, as a corporate service. This way, project owners can obtain a bouns profit from their cash flow, through a safe protocol, and with a high APY.

For both 5table Finance and Dx Launch, this partnership is also a way of expanding and incrementing their visibility in the ecosystem. We’re sure new benefits and means of collaboration will be developed as the partnership grows in the near future.

Updates are coming! Join our community and don’t miss a thing



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