Announcing partnership with MDEX

We’re excited to announce our partnership with MDEX, one of the biggest DEXs in the crypto world. We’re sure this will translate into unique opportunities for our community. Continue reading to know all the details of this collab.


MDEX is a decentralized transaction protocol based on an automated market-making mechanism operating on BNB, HECO, and ETH.

MDEX in numbers:

  • Total Value Locked: $822,432,561.31
  • Telegram Community: 85K members
  • Twitter followers: 188k

When negotiating partnerships, we take into account working along with projects that can provide visibility.

About the partnership

MDEX will join the DxLaunch ecosystem as a DEX DeFi Partner. This means they’ll be in our resources portfolio, available for developers and marketing teams to contact and work with them during incubation. We know accessing big players is hard for newborn projects, that’s why this point of the partnership is key.

All the projects that launch on DxLaunch will be able to add liquidity of their token to MDEX, and get a fast and easy way to get whitelisted. Extended collaborations may occur when the requirements are met, opening even more opportunities for project owners and the DxLaunch community.

Regarding advertising and visibility, cross-marketing campaigns and AMAs will be facilitated for the DxLaunch Community. An effective communication strategy is fundamental when it comes to boosting exposure before launch.

But that’s not it. $DXL holders will benefit from pools and farms set up at

This is just the beginning. We’re sure the partnership will grow and both MDEX and Dx communities will broaden their possibilities.

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